A1 Patrols (Dog Services)

  • A1 Patrols (Dog Services)

Our A1 section has a variety of dogs with varying skills tailored to suit different client’s needs. We have Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD) trained to sniff for all kinds of explosives. We also have dogs trained to specifically patrol and attack strangers at the command of the handler. The third type of dogs are Crowd Control Dogs (CCD) which are equipped with


skills to contain situations like civil demonstrations. The other kind of dog is the Narcotic, which are trained to sniff and detect all kinds of illicit drugs. Tracking dogs are also readily available from our dog section. These have the ability to track crimes say from a point of burglary to the destination of stolen property.

We have a variety of breeds ranging from German Shepherds, Rottweiler, Bullmastiff and Malinois just to mention a few. Our section is managed by highly skilled personnel in possession of both local and international training and experience.