A1 Affirmed security Ltd, through its vast network and alliances has access to many training locations and facilities. The facilities at our disposal are easily tailored to the specific task requirement. The training cadre is constructed of highly experienced certified instructors from all branches of the Kenya n Forces and foreign military with emphasis on US Marine Corps doctrine and international law enforcement training methods and standards.


A1 Security’s executive staff members are widely experienced from the special operations community. This provides a more effective and precise training instruction to ensure that all personnel are trained for success. The current training program is rigorous and only the fittest and brightest pass. The security officers are trained in, but not limited to, entry point control (EPC), screening equipment, roving internal and external patrols, EPC operations, Bodyguard responsibilities and detention of suspects such the need arise.


A1 Affirmed security Ltd wants to impress every client and potential client that all personnel will be the most highly trained professionals in Africa. Rest assured that training is not complete with the initial rigorous course but is continuous throughout their service. This ensures that any personnel assigned to any project will consistently exceed the requirements of the client. Our mobile training team (MTT) will ensure that each security officer is qualified and intimately familiar with new tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP). This ensures success in all our projects and subsequently a quality service the client demands.


Recruiting, vetting and training are done with strict adherence to policy guidelines to ensure that only the fittest with clear background are enlisted.


However, we have training programs tailored to meet the specific needs of various clients depending on their risk requirements such as banks, shopping malls, gas stations, industrial sites among others.